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Check out our frequently asked questions below or feel free to contact us.

Our online shopping site is first come, first served, and unfortunately, there are no guarantees of availability.  However, if you are looking for something specific that is not in our live inventory please connect with your sales representative or call 855.462.9374 and someone should be able to help you.

Since this is a live inventory we only allow orders to be placed at a maximum of 7 days out to ensure you are receiving only the freshest product. However, if you want to place an order in the future you can always contact your sales representative. Also, if you want a way to submit your orders online, we have a basic form here that you can use. You must be a registered customer.

Currently for our shipping customers, we only have landed FedEx costs in Mayesh Market. If you wish to ship another method, let your sales rep know and they can estimate what the shipping cost will be via airline or truck.

Please contact your sales rep immediately. Send over pictures of the wrong product along with a picture of the grower label on the box.

Your sales rep will work with you on getting a replacement of the right product or issue you a credit and refund the money back. Here is more information on our claims and credit policy.

Yes! Once you place your Mayesh Market order, notify your sales rep and they will make sure the orders are shipped together.


As a wholesale florist, we sell to trade only â€" floral professionals with a resale license or tax ID number. If you are perusing our site and like our flowers and are not a retailer please ask your local floral provider about whether they sell Mayesh products.

There is no sales tax with a valid and applicable resale license.

You only need to register if you would like to shop online. If you are interested in shopping at one of our branches or would like to speak to someone about your shipping options, please contact us.

There are three ways you can place an order with us. If you live near one of our locations you may visit, call or fax in an order. If you are outside a location radius you may place an order either through a floral sales professional by phone, fax, email or shop online with our shipping team. Contact us with any questions or to be put in touch with your Mayesh branch (local or shipping).

There is no minimum order when shopping at one of our locations or online. There is a suggested $300.00 minimum order when working with a shipping floral sales professional.

While Mayesh does fill same-day and same-week orders, we strongly encourage our customers to place orders in advance.  More lead time always translates into a greater ability to source flowers precisely in accordance with your needs.  For hard to find flowers, two weeks is recommended.

You can make additions to your order up until shipping day assuming product availability. Orders cannot be cancelled if product is already en route from our farms to the Mayesh distribution center which is generally a week prior to shipping.

Yes, you are able to book a standing order both at location level and with one our floral sales professionals.

No, freight is added as separate line item on shipping and MayeshMarket orders. For pick-up at a location, there is no freight charge.

Shipping costs vary and are dependent on whether we are able to ship via airline or FedEx/UPS. Typically we can only ship via airline to international airports.

We ship via FedEx, UPS, airline, or refrigerated truck line working with you to get the best possible price for your order.

Yes. Please contact us at 855-462-9374 for more specific information.

Yes, tell your floral sales professional both addresses when you place your order.

Unless a truck line is used, floral sales professionals can ship same-day orders for next day arrival if placed by noon. Orders placed online can ship from our facility the following day.

As a service to you, we track your packages for you and we will alert you to any delays or problems.

Credit requests must be made within 24 hours of receipt of product and should be accompanied by photos demonstrating the problem and number of stems impacted.

Yes. Most of our customers are cash on delivery or credit card however credit terms are available upon approval of a Mayesh credit application.

Your credit card will be charged the day your order is ready to ship. On large orders, we reserve the right to take a deposit at the time the order is placed.

"Custom packed box" is a term used by our West Coast floral sales professionals that means you can buy as many or as few bunches of a multitude of floral product as if you were shopping at a brick and mortar store yourself. It is an assorted box of your choosing.

We carry a full line of floral supplies at our Houston, TX; Riverside, California; Chandler, Arizona; Detroit, Michigan; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Cleveland, Ohio locations. In addition, we can ship anywhere in the United States. We suggest that fragile items must ship on a pallet via truck. Contact our floral supply department at (734) 728-1553 for more information.

The inventory online is a live inventory, meaning all of the items you see are currently in our inventory. In order to protect the integrity of the product we do not allow you to order for more than 7 days in advance.

Currently you cannot purchase by the bunch online, however if you call (insert 800#) you can get in touch with a sales representative who can help you with your by the bunch needs

So this one is tricky since it depends on what the product is, it could not be available or it could not be South American so it would not be available online (not sure how to word that online)

Another tricky one. Depending on the customer and their setup the shipping charges are included in the cost of the flowers so it appears it ships for free, however if they are a airline customer out of Miami it would be an additional cost (not sure how to word that online)

Since our online inventory is a live inventory it is first come first serve, if the product has disappeared it is most likely because someone else has purchased that box

This is the description of the box size, EB = Eighth Box, QB = Quarter box, HB = Half Box = FB = Full Box

Please Contact Us (make contact us a link to the phone number, email etc.)

No there is no minimum to order online

Currently we do not offer the ability to ship to another address online, however if you call (insert 800#) you can get in touch with a sales representative who can help you with your shipping needs

Currently our system is set up to ship to you based on the most efficient method available, we hope to offer additional shipping methods per customer in the future.



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